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Pre-Order Section

In this section of our website we will showcase various sets that we do not stock. These could be additional sets from the brands we currently import other sets from, or new brands and new sets.

If you would like to order any of these items, please reach out to us via Contact us.


We at Brick Diversity research brands to check their history, legality and quality among various other factors before stocking products from them. Additionally we build relationships with both vendors and manufacturers of those.  Therefore our stocked items are sets we can stand behind.

But we are only scratching the surface.  The toy brick world is growing fast, with various brands coming (and going), introducing daily innovative sets of all sizes and for all ages.

We want to provide you with a window into that, by adding some of those products here. 

As we have not yet researched many of these, we can't guarantee their availability or quality. And while we aim to never display or offer up a product that is a design copy (pirated), there simply is so much on offer that we might miss some.

We monitor and follow about 50 different channels and forums, to try to ensure we will notice if a Chinese brand is hijacking someone's else design. If you notice a design here that is potentially a non-legal copy, please notify us so we can investigate and if accurate remove from our page.

Enjoy browsing.