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[E-4801] Girl's Room 3-in-1

This set is extra fun - as it comes with THREE instructions. 
  1. The first one is a Girl's Room, and comes with raised bed, with play area underneath. And of course there is a laptop, clock, calendar, make up stations, sofa and a cat!
  2. When enough has been played with in there, the set can be taken a part and a Kitchen built instead. It comes with cabinets, stove, pots and cutlery.
  3. And yet, there is more - with the final instructions being a Sun Set Living Room. Sofas, bookshelf and a large TV. 

This set comes with specially decorated backgrounds that can be changed around as well.

You might just have to buy three sets to be able to have all rooms up and going at the same time!

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    32 * 20 * 5 cm

    0.372 kg