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[XB-03007] Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

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This is such a beautiful design of a stunning historic car. The creator, the amazingly talented Firas Munir Abu-Jaber authorised XingBao to produce his design and it quickly become on of the star product in the Dream Car Collection.

We built this at Brick Diversity and it was one of our first display models. It is a fun build, simple, but yet not that simple that it is boring. The main body of the car is solid and full of nice details.

The doors can be opened, and the back seats are revealed if you open up the trunk. There is also an actual trunk (or a chest) at the back which can also be opened. The hood can be lifted off and detailed looking engine displayed. The front wheels can be turned/moved by hand (not connected the steering wheel).

With this set come several unique bricks, as there are so many decorative silver components. There are also the front black fenders, couple of suitcases and of course 6 wheels (rather than just four).

Our main customers for this particular set are teenagers and classic car enthusiasts. Oh, and this has also twice been the first model for couple of our older customers, that have now discovered a new and wonderful hobby.

This set is mostly a display set, or build few times, and then use the bricks for other creations. It is not really strong enough to be a playable model. 

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48 * 35 * 7.2 cm

1.8 kg


The Name:

The official name of the product from XingBao is: XB-03007 贵族 Noble
The Chinese characters could also be translated as nobility or aristocracy, of which the second on is somewhat a better conveyance of the potential intended meaning.

One might assume that for the purpose of not breaching any trademark laws, XingBao, decided to create their own name and logo for this car. You can see that at the front, and on the spare wheels on the sides, there is a 'Noble' Logo, instead of a Rolls Royce Logo.

The Noble name did not stick. This is such a clear replica of Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, and even more specifically, looks like 1925 Rolls Royce Springfield Silver Ghost. On most websites, this product is therefore now listed as: 
XB-03007 Rolls-Royce Noble or XB-03007 劳斯莱斯贵族