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[S-601156] Christmas Snowman House Gift Shop With Lights

Step into the festive season with our enchanting 'Christmas Snowman House Gift Shop' brick set, perfectly Christmas gift for both children and grown ups. It's Lego compatible and great quality.

What makes this set truly special is the included lighting kit, which brings the scene to life with a warm, cozy glow. Ideal for both display and play, this set promises hours of creative building and is a perfect addition to any holiday collection. It's not just a toy, but a beautiful Christmas decoration that will brighten up any room.
Suitable for both children and grownups, this set makes a fantastic gift for those who love the holiday season and creative construction. Build, play, and light up your holidays with our Christmas Snowman House Gift Shop!
The assembly instructions provided are illustrated, with no reliance on words. This makes it suitable to all, no matter what the native language of the user. 

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    27 * 23 * 10 cm

    0.9 kg