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[E-4804] Vacation Tour 3-in-1

Another 3-in-1 set. And this one includes a House and a Boat and an RV (I wish I could buy that in real life for 3 for 1...)
  1. The first instructions are for the Beach House. As the name suggests located at the beach, with a balcony view. Take a walk with your dog or take joyride on your jet-ski.
  2. If that becomes to dull, you can build the ultimate Giant Yacht - either cruising through the waters or sunbathing on the deck. It even comes with a little private Island and small boat to take you a shore. Don't forget the two seagulls flying overhead!
  3. But, if you are more about making money than spending it - there is even a business opportunity. Build your own Ice-Cream Van, and sell delicious Ice-cream to all the sunbathing beach goers. 

Great selection of bricks in this set - with specific car windows, and then different massive Boat windows. Rear bird figures, and even a dog!

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    37 * 28 * 7 cm

    0.8 kg