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We at Brick Diversity aim to provide a very good service and support. Our believe is that our value comes from understanding the product, ongoing quality checks, transparency and direct access to the manufacturers in China.

If our customers experience issues we will aim to address those.

If there is more than a month since the purchase we can't guarantee we can help, but we will always try to find a solution.

Support Guidelines

Missing pieces

This is not common and most of the time is is due to not enough care taken when the bags are opened. We provide recommendation for how to build, which includes emptying bags into containers. If care is taken, and each bag is placed in different container, experiencing a missing piece will be a rare occurrence. 

In the case of a missing piece get in touch with us within a month from the purchase.

  1. Take a photo of the page in the manual with the missing piece, and highlight/circle it.
  2. If it is a common piece, we will have that in stock, and get that you.
  3. In the case of it being a rare piece, or a piece very specific to that particular set, we might have to contact the manufacturer for a replacement piece. That process can take 4-6 weeks.

Damaged piece

Should you come across a damaged piece when you open the set, please follow the same process as above, but also sent a picture of the damaged piece. We will replace that if at all possible, or find other solutions.

Damaged box

Our packaging looks fantastic, but there is always a change of some tiny scratch or discolouring. This does not matter for most, as the main thing is of course the set, putting it together and playing with it. Most people throw the boxes away straight after opening them. However, possibly for collectors or for an important gift this could become of greater importance.

Unless customers have specifically requested it, we can't guarantee the boxes being perfect. We simply can't monitor what couriers do at times, nor can we know for sure how they were handled at customer end. 

But, what we do is to ensure we never send out a box that is damaged without notifying customer first, or providing discount. 

Trouble with assembly

It is no secret that LEGO products are the gold standards when it comes to bricks. That is reflected in the price, incredibly well designed sets and the amazing quality standards. While several Chinese manufacturers are now only marginally behind LEGO, there are times that bricks are tiny bit looser or stiffer. Brick Diversity does quality checks on all the brands we import, and if we run into problem we will highlight these. Additionally we read up on reviews on sets and if there are known issues we will also mention those. 

The main thing is to simply get in touch and discuss any concerns or issues with us. To this date though we have had very few queries and most of our customers come back for a repeat purchase.