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[E-1137] Gloden Chinese Cuisine


    Colourful City has a Chinese restaurant called Gloden. Two floors and six rooms, this makes it the largest set in this theme. There are dining area, kitchen, reception and even a outside dining are on a beautiful balcony with Cherry Blossom tree.

    With this set come six mini-figures and three animal figures (including the golden cat). Special food items are included, register and kitchen utensils.  There is even a traffic light and a vespa motorbike.

    This set also comes with good selection of different types of fences/rails, window panes, greenery, slope pierces and round plates. And of course the card-baseplate.


    Product ID: E-1137

    Bricks: 796

    Mini-figures: 6

    Box Size (cm): 56 x 36 x 7

    Weight (kg):  1.7 

    Maker: Enlighten / Qman

    Makers Product ID: 1137

    Material: ABS Environmental & Non-toxic material



    Each set in the Colourful City Theme comes with a card-baseplate. They can be placed together to form a larger baseplate - to make up a city.

    Example Baseplate pictures above from set E-1131