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[XB-01102] Zhong Hua Street - Down Town

Fantastic looking mini-modulars from XingBao. This comes in a box with four different sets. Each in their own packaging, and its own manual. Once they are all built they can be combined/connected into a street.
They can also be purchased individually.
Great idea for a family to tackle together, where each person gets their own build. 
In this set, which we at Brick Diversity have decided to name "Down Town" there are:
A. Wangjiang Tower (367 pcs)
B. Cloth House (413 pcs)
C. Library (366 pcs)
D. Tea House (356 pcs)

In our house our girls repeatedly build, take a part, and build again these mini-modular buildings. Their complexity is just at the level of being interesting for 6+ years kids, while the building time is short enough to keep their attention. 

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    34 * 26 * 24 cm

    32 * 23 * 6 cm

    1.6 kg